Affordable & Professional Roof Restoration

At our very core, we live and breathe the skill of restoring roofs – it was our core focus since we started in Perth. As we have expanded we are happy to continue offering you this service. We can handle any roofing requirements you have, be they a complete and total roof restoration, repairs, or rebedding and the repointing of ridge capping.

Part of our commitment to ensure the highest quality work means that we only use the best products available, such as the Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane System. All of our quality products feature a full decade of warranty from the manufacturer, and that is congruent with the full decade of workmanship warranty that we offer on our work. Our team of professionals give you personalised and attentive service, and we are happy to review and analyse your existing roof before we give you a quote on how much it will be to start working. Our quotes are always free and come with no obligation.

Steps We Take Before We Say “We’re Done!”

We give you personalised assessments regarding the materials, tools, scope, and methods that would be used in the restoration of your structure’s roof. Homes in and around Perth vary wildly in the kinds of shingles they use, the architectural styles, and their weaknesses in terms of sunlight exposure. Because of that, we do not bring a single approach to our work; rather, we work hard to customise the work we do to your home to make the most of your investment into our work. We aim to give you the roof you want and need without actually replacing the whole thing.

In general, though, we do have a 10-point process we usually stick closely to:

1) We replace all your broken ridge caps and tiles.
2) We check and then secure the flashings.
3) We identify the source of known leaks and rectify them.
4) We make sure that surrounding objects are either covered or removed to avoid damaging them, such as patio furnishings or cars.
5) Dirt, lichen, and moss are removed via a high-pressure cleaning.
6) A flexible pointing compound is used to repoint ridge capping; ridge capping is rebedded when needed.
7) The roof is sealed with a Dulux sealer/primer.
8) The roof is also coated with not one but two coats of Dulux Acratex Roof Membrane in the colour you choose.
9) Grime and dirt are cleared out, as are down pipes and gutters.
10) You are left with six spare tiles that are coated, just in case.

We generally finish our work in two or three days, assuming the weather cooperates. Given our commitment to quality, preparation and coating are usually a multi-step process that we do separately.

When Should You Get a Roof Restoration?

Normally, your roof needs restoring when the materials get aged and weathered. Metal sheeting and tiles might start deteriorating, and common issues that can develop include leaks, cracks, and lifting. The sooner you get a restoration, the less you will spend on it due to having to correct further neglect that accumulates.

The Advantages

Modernizing your roof is a good way to keep up your initial investment, and have several benefits, such as:

  • Increasing your property value.
  • Substantially increasing your home’s appearance.
  • Good colour coating both prevents more deterioration and reduces the growth of lichen and moss.
  • Gives your roof additional weather-resistant protection.
  • Increases the longevity of your roof.

We follow stringent industry guidelines and best practices, including ensuring the safety, health, and wellness of our professionals. We also keep up with accreditation handled by appropriate governing bodies to make sure that your roofing restoration needs are applied and finished in a comprehensive manner.

Call or email us today for a roof restoration quote that is free of cost or obligation.