A Roof Repair Specialist When You Need It

If you think your roof might be damaged, the signs you should watch for include mould, water stains and wet insulation. Everything from a major storm down to a light drizzle can reduce the integrity of your roof. Additionally, you may be faced with more than roof repairs if you do not have maintenance done on a regular basis. Stay on top of things and have even small leaks repaired by specialists using the appropriate products.

However, sometimes things happen and when you need a roof repair, you should definitely think of us. We have many years of experience in waterproofing, overhauls and roofing repairs and has become one of the leading specialists in Perth. Our highly qualified team has worked extensively with our products, including Dulux products that offer a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, and on BlueScope Steel products up to a 30-year manufacturers’ warranty. Each of our team members is fully qualified to work with all of the materials that we use on the various jobs that we do.

If you are searching for roof repair in Perth to protect your house and reduce repair bills in the future, put your trust in us. Your home is our top priority. So whether you are in need of large-scale damage repairs, tile repairs or leak repairs, we have you completely covered.

What is the Difference Between Roof Restoration and Roof Repair?

We take great pride in being able to perform full roof restoration and frequently recommend this service for homeowners with roofs that are in need of regular spot repairs, major wear-and-tear and showing signs of age. This service is provided to maintain and improve your roof’s overall condition and extending its lifespan. It includes a thorough cleaning of your roof as well as adding a new top coat to provide extra protection against damage in the future.

However, if you encounter an unfortunate situation like a leaking roof you can be assured that we will be very happy to fix your problems without attempting to convince you that any small sign of damage means you need to have more extensive service than is really required for your roof currently. Sometimes a small issue only requires a small fix.

Speak to us regarding an obligation-free quote. It can be frustrating to locate leaks, and trying to patch them on your own may cause extensive damage. Save yourself the trouble and money by having us do the work for you.