How Can You Tell If You Need Your Roof Restored?

Roof Restoration WhenYou may be asking yourself how you can tell if you need roof restoration. Perth homeowners will find that there are a number of ways to tell if their roof needs to be restored. The easiest way to determine if any restoration is needed, would be to visually see obvious roof damage, pest infestation, or that the roof appears old and dirty. Depending on what materials your roof has been constructed out of, you can often identify common roof problems from a visual inspection, and get your roof restored by a team of professionals to keep it in top condition. Homeowners can also spot some forms of water damage this way as well. Water damage can utterly destroy a home over time. Not only can it damage the actual structure, decreasing the value of your home and causing it to eventually become unsafe, but it can also damage the property within your home. Below is some information on some of the most common roof materials and things that you can look for to determine if you can see that your needs restoration.

Taking A Good Look At Your Roof

Concrete Tiles:

If your roof consists of concrete tiles, there are multiple factors that can determine if you need to clean, repair, or replace them. Concrete tiles are cured by their manufacturers over approximately a 12 month period. This process is to allow them to fully set and harden, but the reality is that they do deteriorate as time goes by. Improper installation can also contribute to damages and missing tiles. Sometimes concrete tiles may have defects or damage that will not appear until long after installation has taken place. Concrete tiles will become old and faded, losing its original look and make your roof  look mismatched and truly show its age. You can also tell if they need restoration by identifying cracked, broken, and missing tiles.

Terracotta Tiles:

Terracotta tiles are created from clay and are considered a moist material. Often moss can be seen on terracotta tiles, which will require a cleaning and removal. Lichen and moss can degrade your tiles and also restrict proper water flow on your roof, affecting gutter systems. The older these tiles get, the more brittle they become. If these tiles have become too brittle they can break very easily, even from basic cleaning procedures. Restoration of terracotta tiled roofs is very similar to the concrete tile restoration. However, a good coating of an anti-fungal solution can be applied before the cleaning process is undertaken. This will remove the unwanted lichen and moss that has taken up residency in your tiles.

Wood Shakes and Shingles:

Wood shakes and shingles offer durability and strength, but after approximately five years of weather and climate exposure they begin to lose most of their natural protection. If you are able to see that you are missing shingles or shakes, it’s time to seriously consider roof restoration. Perth homeowners who have a wood shake or shingled roof highly value the unique beauty and appearance that that style of roof gives a home. The roofs condition has a major affect on the appearance of the home. The older that the roof is, the harder it is to adequately repair. A good way to determine if you need restoration is by calculating the age of your roof. A general rule of thumb when determining this would before a time frame of approximately 25 years for shake roofs and 20 years for shingles. The decisions to clean repair, and preserve a wood shingled roof is always a good investment that will keep your home looking good and secure its long term stability and endurance.

Asphalt Shingles:

Asphalt shingles suffer wear and tear over time and if your roof is around 20 years old, odds are most of the shingles are damages and badly worn. It’s important to replace them with matching shingles so that your roof consists of a uniform color. Any shingles that are missing, cracked, or have curling corners will need to be replaced. Asphalt shingled roofs make up approximately 80-85% of residential roofs and are known for being affordable and decently durable. Besides the basic damage that asphalt shingles can acquire, algae growth can plague them as well causing the need for roof repairs. Perth has a humid and hot climate, which is a perfect breeding ground for algae.Treatments can be applied to stop the growth of algae and some asphalt shingle manufacturers have added compounds which help prevent algae growth as well. If there are a large number of shingles that will need to be replaced, it is most likely that basic repair will not be feasible. If this is the case you will need to re-shingle the entire roof. If this is not done, it could lead to water damage and home renovations.

The Best Way To Know If Your Roof Needs Restoration

Having a well-qualified roofing specialist to come out to inspect your roof is by far the most efficient way to tell if you are in need of any roof restoration. Perth homeowners can always identify the most obvious issues that are affecting their roof and home, but professional assistance can locate the hidden issues and dangers that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Certain conditions like pest infestation, water damages, and other problems are hard and sometimes impossible to see with a glance. Our company is completely equipped to handle any issues and problems that you may have! Our professional inspections will identify every aspect of your roof and we can determine exactly what is required to keep your roof in a state of perfection. We can also provide you with top of the line preventive maintenance that will extend the longevity of your roof, keeping it durable and looking brand new. We have a proven track record of skilled excellence and high quality craftsmanship that treat our clients to elite roofing services at affordable costs.